Things To Do

While there may be many things to do while in Culebra, the one thing that you will have to get used to quickly is the absent of nightlife activities. You'll have to go to the main island for that.

In keeping with the laid-back style of this small island, nightlife here is quiet, very quiet. In fact, let's just say it is non-existent when compared to what you'll find in, say, San Juan.

After all, remember, you did not come here for what goes on after dusk anyway, did you? There are any casinos or golf courses here either. So, cross those off your "things to do" list also.

So, just what do you do for fun on this island anyway? Ha! Good question! For a start, you can get a lot of rest. A lot! While Culebra is synonymous with relaxation, there are fun things you can do while you're here.

Like most travelers to this island, you probably came for the beaches, right? You won't find too many anywhere better than Playa Flamenco.

Are you into snorkeling? You are already at the beach anyway. Make the most of it. Melones and Carlos Rosario are great for snorkeling. Both of them will enthrall you with their marine life. If you choose, you could hike up to Carlos Rosario from Flamenco. It will take you approximately 20 minutes each way. The entrance to the trail is just south of the Playa Flamenco parking area.

Since Culebra's reputation was formed partially from its beaches and waters, what better way to truly enjoy this island than just going boating.

Here is a partial list of boat renters and operators you may contact for assistance:

Culebra Water Toys, 787-742-1122
Guilin's Water Taxi, 787-742-0575
Culebra Boat Docking, 787-742-3559
Culebra Water Taxi, 787-360-9807

Does your idea of things to do in Culebra include fishing? For the avid and recreational anglers alike, the shallowness of some of Culebra's bays are a delight. Those willing to explore deeper depths of water might be rewarded with sailfish, kingfish, and even, an occasional barracuda. A word of caution is in order here: be careful with your catch as some reef fishes have been known to carry ciguatera, a toxin.

If you need additional information, you may contact:

Chris Goldmark, 787-742-0412
Caribbean Fly Fishing Co., 787-741-1337

Still have not found something to do? Well, how about diving? If you are planning on doing some diving while here during holidays, it is a good idea to book with a dive shop/instructor well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Here are reputable ones:

Culebra Divers, 787-742-0803
Culebra Dive Shop, 787-742-0566

Honeycomb Cow Fish at Playa Flamenco Reef, Culebra

Things To Do In Culebra