Shopping In Culebra

Shopping In Culebra. Talk about an oxymoron! Those two words just don't go together. At least not in the island's present retail make-up. In fact, shopping should be a reason not to go to Culebra as your choices are severely limited. "Non-existent" might be a more apt description.

For those familiar with the island, shopping is never a factor for visiting Culebra. If you are looking for that name brand pair of jeans, or the latest design from that famous fashion boutique, you won't find it here. Why would you want to do that here in Culebra anyway? After all, the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean is in San Juan. For a truly satisfying shopping experience while in Puerto Rico, this just might be your best bet.

If you must shop in Culebra, you do have some choices. Just be prepared to limit your choices to gift shops, small grocery stores, and souvenir shops. Your choices include:

BUTIKI, 913-481-8367: Here you'll find T-shirts, jewelry, paintings, local art, and prints made by the expat owner.
GALERIA DE REGALOS, 787-742-2294: Souvenirs galore! You'll find a good selection of men's beachwear, somewomen's apparel, and a variety of Culebra T-shirts. They accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.
ON ISLAND, 787-742-0439, 787-742-0704: Two locations, one conveniently at the ferry landing, and a second at Calle Fulladoza 372. Methods of payments accepted include Mastercard and Visa.
PARADISE GIFT SHOP, 787-742-3569: This store has a nice selection of locally produced clothing and artwork. They accept Visa and Mastercard.

Shopping In Culebra and Things To Do In Culebra