North Of Dewey Rentals (Guesthouses)

North of Dewey rentals are very limited, in comparison to the rest of Culebra.

Playa Flamenco Campground: 787-742-0700 or 787-742-3525. Conveniently located just feet from the idyllic Playa Flamenco, this is, arguably, the best campground in Puerto Rico. Although reservations are usually not necessary, it is probably a good idea especially if you are visiting during the busy season. Amenities include toilets, outdoor showers with running water between 4pm and 7pm. A maximum of six people are allowed per tent.

Villa Flamenco Beach: 787-742-0023. With direct access to Playa Flamenco, Villa Flamenco Beach sits next to Culebra Beach Villas. You probably want to make your reservation months in advance to secure one of the few rooms. All rooms have kitchenettes and some have A/C. There is a communal grill.

Culebra Beach Villas: 787-754-6236 or 787-767-7575, you are planning on spending any significant amount of time on the sands of Playa Flamenco,you probably want to get a room here. A three-storey building fronts the beach with several bungalows in the back. Neat and serviceable rooms with A/C, kitchen, and TV. There is a book exchange.

North Of Dewey Rentals