More Culebra Information

We have presented more Culebra information here. As is the case with vacation destinations the size of Culebra, it is always prudent to have as much relevant information as possible to make one's vacation as enjoyable as possible.

So far, we have been reluctant to provide physical addresses, instead opting for descriptive addresses as most locals tend to utilize this method also when giving directions. You have no reason to worry though, virtually all lodging accommodations and car-rental agencies on the island distribute maps frequently. Also, getting more Culebra information while on the island is as simple as asking the host of your lodging accommodation.

For various reasons (its small size as one, maybe?), major crime is relatively rare here. That said, this is no declaration to leave your belongings unattended, especially cell phones as they have been known to disappear mysteriously. Just as you would not leave valuables in sight in your vehicle in any city, don't make it any easier for thieves here in Culebra either.

EMERGENCY: If an emergency situation arises, you may call the municipal police at 787-742-0106, or the Puerto Rican police Culebra Island detachment at 787-742-3501.
MEDICAL SERVICES: Surprisingly, there are very adequate medical services on the island. There are no major pharmacies here. You'll be well served to bring basic first aid supplies and over-the-counter medication for minor annoyances, such as headaches. The closest major pharmacy is the Walgreens in Fajardo, 787-860-1060. If you need medical attention, there is a small clinic/hospital on the island with resident doctors. It is located on the road leading to Punta Melones, 787-742-3511 or 787-742-0001.

BANK: Banco Popular, 787-742-3572, across from the ferry terminal has an ATM, and is open 8:30am-2:30pm, Mon, Wed, Thur, and Fri.
NEWSPAPER: Your source for current local happenings is the island newspaper, Culebra Calendar.
POSTAL SERVICE: Open 8:30am - 4:30pm, Mon-Fri, and 8:30am-12pm Sat.

INTERNET ACCESS: Be prepared to pay a steep price for internet access. For $5/15 minutes and $15/hour, the eXcetera gift shop, 787-742-0844, provides internet service from 9:00am-5pm, Mon-Fri, and 9:00am-1pm, Sat.

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