Getting Around Culebra

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Seriously, getting around Culebra can be fun and adventurous. So many sights to enjoy. It will be easy to take the small size of this island for granted. Don't try to conquer it by walking from one end to another. Even for the athletic traveler, walking may prove to be grueling.

Even though it is not always necessary to rent a car or taxi (publico), to get around Culebra, you should plan on organizing a ride to get to some of the distant places. Ten dollars or less should get you by publico to just about any destination on the island.

If all your activities are within the Dewey area, then they are all within reasonable walking distances. A scooter may be a quicker and fun option, however, to get around the Dewey area.

"Taxi" is a misnomer on this island as these are large vans operated for the purpose of getting large groups of travelers from the ferry docks to their respective destinations.

If you'd rather drive to get around Culebra, bringing a vehicle over the ferry can be difficult; it is easier to rent one once you get to the island. Besides, without an SUV, you may find the terrain challenging as most roads leading to beaches beyond Playa Flamenco are full of potholes.

TAXI SERVICE, publicos:
Willy: 787-742-3537 or 787-396-0076.
Kiko's Transportation: 787-742-2678.
Romero: 787-378-0250

Carlos Jeep Rental: 787-742-3514 or 787-613-7049,
Jerry's Jeep Rental: 787-742-0587.
Dick and Cathie Rentals: 787-742-0062.

Dick and Cathie Rentals: 787-742-0062

JM Rentals: 787-742-0521,

Getting Around Culebra