Fishing In Culebra

If you are going to be fishing in Culebra, you've made an excellent choice. Puerto Rico is a renowned destination for fishing. The island has been the site for numerous International Game Fishing Association's world records. Puerto Rico as a whole boasts some of the best fishing grounds in the Caribbean with waters that are famous for some big catches.

While the main island seemingly gets all the accolades, the small unassuming Culebra Island which is less than twenty miles off the main island's east coast is worthy of recognition.

A fact that is perhaps unknown to the rest of the fishing world is Culebra's reputation for permit, bonefish, and the occasional barracuda. An ideal spot for fishing because of its large reef system, Culebra is naturally equipped in facilitating the enjoyment of the sport. Arguably, Culebra is one of the best places in the entire Caribbean for saltwater fishing.

If this is your first visit to Culebra and you plan on making fishing a part of your experience, you probably need the guidance of a licensed operator or charter. They offer half-day or full-day charters and can usually recommend the best places to enhance your fishing enjoyment.

Though these are not in any particular order or preference, here are some operators you may contact:

1. Caribbean Fly Fishing Company, 787-741-1337
2. Chris Goldmand, 787-742-0412

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