Town Of Dewey Rentals

A number of available lodging will be Dewey rentals. If you have to define the nerve center of Culebra, the maintown of Dewey is it.

This is where it's happening, which is why the locals (many of whom are expatriates from the United States) refer fondly to it as "Da Town". Adjust your expectations when you get to Dewey, this is a slow-moving little town with just enough "action" for the resident locals.

The town of Dewey was named after Admiral George Dewey of the U.S. Navy.

Villa Boheme: 787-742-3508 or 787-370-4949, Situated on brightly colored grounds with equally colorful rooms, Villa Boheme offers a fully equipped communal kitchen with cable TV. Guest rooms for four or more have kitchen/refrigerator for those not keen on sharing a common kitchen.

Hotel Kokomo: 787-742-3112 or 787-742-0683. Positioned almost directly across from the ferry dock, this brightly colored building has clean rooms and are reasonably priced, especially if you don't mind getting a room with a shared bathroom. When considering Dewey rentals, this one has a good location.

Fantastic Culebra Air/Hotel Deals

Villa Fulladoza: 787-742-3576 or 787-787-742-3828, Calle Fulladoza. A waterhouse guesthouse equipped with fans and kitchenettes. An added benefit is the availability of a book exchange and a spacious shared patio with several mango trees.

Mamacita's: 787-742-0090,, Calle Castelar. Even if your lodging is elsewhere, you'll probably find yourself spending a good amount of time in the legendary namesake restaurant downstairs. All rooms are equipped with TV, A/C, microwave and fridge. An outstanding Dewey rental property.

Posada La Hamaca Guesthouse: 787-742-3516 or 787-435-0028, Located right next to Mamacitas, this guesthouse suffers form the "little sister" syndrome, always struggling to establish itself in the shadow of its more renowned neighbor. While the rooms may be small, they are quite comfortable. Its location makes it conveniently placed within walking distance of many eateries.

Palmetto Guesthouse: 787-742-0257,, Calle Manuel Vasquez 128. Located within walking distance from most restaurants, this stablishment is operated by two ex-Peace Corps members from New England. The airport is one block away and one could walk to Playa Flamenco if desired. Rooms come with fridge and A/C. There is a common kitchen and living room with a TV and large DVD collection.

Casita Linda: 787-742-0360 or 787-403-5292. A brightly colored guesthouse situated right on the canal. There are three apartments, a one-bedroom apartment on the ground floor, and two two-bedroom apartments on the second floor. Rooms are very brightly decorated and have a full kitchen, a balcony or patio. TV and VCR.

Dewey Rentals