Culebra Wedding

Are you planning for a Culebra wedding? Or a wedding on a Caribbean island? Why not have a truly memorable on the enchanting Culebra Island?

This will be a ceremony that you and your guests will not quickly forget. Here on Culebra, you can have that romantic wedding that expresses your love and deep commitment in a setting like no other.

With all the allure of the island, it is easy to forget that this is a small island, and as such, items needed for a wedding may not be in great supply. In all likelihood, many of the things needed for this joyous occasion will probably be brought in from the main island, or even Vieques. Your experienced wedding planner will be your greatest resource for your Culebra wedding as they will be in a position to suggest package information, contacts for accommodations while on the island, and travel information, among other things, all in an effort to make this event totally stress-free allowing you to enjoy a perfect romantic vacation.

There are some things you need to know before proceeding with your plans to wed in Culebra, or anywhere else in Puerto Rico. Parental consent is required if you are under the age of 18. Blood test results not older ten days must be submitted. You may have the tests performed in Culebra or any lab in the U.S. provided they are signed by a medical doctor. Evidence of blood test results will be needed to obtain your health certificates from the island hospital.

If this is not your first marriage, you will need to show a death certificate for your former spouse or divorce documents. For non-U.S. citizens or Puerto Rico residents, a formal declaration before a notary public that this is your first marriage will be required also.

Do you have everything you need? Then here are some contacts to assist you in making this day stress-free:

Joseph LaMotta, 787-756-5139
Fango, 787-435-6654

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