Ahh! Those Culebra Beaches

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Raving reviews continue to pour in regarding these Culebra beaches, especially Playa Flamenco. For good reasons! A little ironical perhaps for such ringing endorsements in light of the fact that apart from the aforementioned Playa Flamenco, these beaches are lacking in the way of tourist facilities.

So, before heading out, be sure and load up on plenty of water and your favorite snacks. You'll need them. These seeming inconveniences should not discourage you from visiting, at least, a couple of these beaches. The natural beauty around each one of them is just spectacular.

Punta Melones has the distiction of being the closest to town of all Culebra beaches. As the name implies, there is an abundance of a species of melon cactus around this corner of the island. There is very little shade, so bring plenty of sunblock. The water is decent for snorkeling, especially on the right side of the beach. No facilities.

Playa Tamarindo just slightly beyond Melones, is a terrific spot for snorkeling. From Melones, swim all the way north past the peninsula and you'll end up here. A great snorkeling beach. No facilities.

Playa Carlos Rosario offers one of the best snorkeling beaches in Puerto Rico. It is about a twenty-five minute hike from Playa Flamenco and does not attract as much crowd. Here you'll find the clearest ocean water you've ever seen and incredible assortment of underwater life. Bring your water and snacks. No facilities.

Playa Zoni: For a beach that comes close to rivaling the allure of its more frequented counterpart, Playa Flamenco, Playa Zoni is it. It is located on a path much less traveled on the eastern part of this beautiful island. Bring your snacks and lots of water as there are no facilities here. If you do go, be prepared to enjoy the captivating sights of this long and narrow beach adorned with palm trees and and a good view of the lighthouse on Culebrita.

Playa Resaca: As far as Culebra beaches go, getting to this beach will test your physical endurance. Before you go, you need to get permission from the US Fish & Wildlife Service, 787-742-0115 which maintains the trail here. Resaca waves are not suitable for swimming as they can be brutally rough. Surfers may find the waves irresistible. You may catch a glimpse of the leatherneck turtles here; they lay their eggs from March to August.

Playa Brava: Just like Playa Resaca, getting to this beach will be a test of physical endurance. There are no roads here. If you are planning on going, you'll have to hike it! When you get there, your perseverance will be rewarded as you will be greeted by an impressive stretch of sand with radiating beauty. No facilities.

Punta Del Soldado on the extreme southwestern tip of the island is known among Culebra beaches for its rocky beach and extraordinary snorkeling. The waters here are shallow and just ideal for children learning how to snorkel. If you are looking for a beach to just lie on the sand and catch some sun, sorry, this is not it. It is covered with coral and rocks.

Playa Flamenco: Hands down the jewel of all Culebra beaches. If you visit this island and miss out on going to this beach, you missed the highlight of your visit. This is why tourists go to Culebra Island. Playa Flamenco is synonymous with Culebra Island. Countless media outlets have dubbed this the finest in Puerto Rico, and perhaps, the entire Caribbean. Some have gone so far to include it in the top ten in the world. That is quite a distinction for a beach on a lesser-known island.

When you visit, you'll agree! It is simply stunning! This picturesque beach is the only beach on the island with facilities that include bathrooms, picnic tables, showers, and a parking lot. It got its name from a nearby lagoon that attracts flamingos in the winter. Flamenco is the only beach on the island with a legal campground.

As you can imagine, because of its notoriety, this beach can be crowded, especially during holidays. Don't let that deter you from going. You simply can't say you've been to Culebra without bragging about the time you spent at this beach. It is worth it! Besides, the US Navy left a couple of mementos for you...two rusty seaweed-covered tanks.

Rusted Tank On Playa Flamenco

The Jewel Of Culebra Beaches---Playa Flamenco

Culebra Beaches