Culebra and Snorkeling

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Culebra and snorkeling just seem to go together. A perfect combination as you will discover should you decide to visit this unspoiled island paradise.

There may not be much to do when it comes to nightlife activities. Culebra island has plenty to offer when it comes to water-related activities, notably snorkeling, and to a lesser extent, scuba diving.

You are already familiar with its beaches, especially the renowned Playa Flamenco. In spite of its all-around natural beauty, Flamenco is hardly the best spot for snorkeling on this island, though it commands a visit. After all, it has only been ranked consistently as the best beach in the Caribbean and one of the ten best in the world, period.

Culebra's rather remote location and its lack of runoff water, makes it the ideal location for snorkeling. Also, as a result of the island's use until 1975 by the US Navy, the area was designated off limits to marine activities. A good thing because the reefs are in great condition and there is an abundance of marine life.

Dive sites are plentiful and in various depths; you will have no issue finding a site meeting your requirements.

For more information on snorkeling, please contact:

Culebra Divers, 787-742-0803,

Culebra and Snorkeling