Camping In Culebra

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If you are planning on Camping In Culebra, your choices are limited, very limited. Flamenco campground is situated close to the flagship beach on the island, Playa Flamenco, on the northwest shore of the island. It is the only officially recognized campground on the island. The campgrounds are managed by the Autoridad de Conservación y Desarrollo de Culebra. If your primary reason for visiting this island is Playa Flamenco, why not try the campground? Not an entirely ridiculous option for the frugal traveler that does not mind a little inconvenience.

There are five campsites designated from A to F, with each site designated to accommodate the needs of the campers, be they single young adults or families with children. In the campground's current configuration, "A" is closest to the office and "F" is the farthest. Parking is provided in an area next to the office also. There is no alcohol available for purchase here because of the prestigious designation of the beach as a "Blue Flag", in recognition of its waters, safety and security standards, and environmental awareness, among other factors.

Although there are no restaurants within walking distance of Flamenco, there are kiosks at the entrance to the campground that sell a variety of foods ranging from hotdogs to chicken kabobs, and beverages. The operators of these kiosks do not have regular and consistent hours of operation and only show up when the mood dictates. If you are the consummate barbecuer, there are grills scattered throughout the campsites. Hop on a taxi or publico right outside the entrance to go into town and eat if you don't feel like cooking your own food. You will also find bathrooms and showers.

Stop at the office to check in and get your campsite location. You may telephone 787-742-0700 for reservation.

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