Food In Culebra

While getting food in Culebra is not an issue, at this juncture, perhaps another reminder might be in order; this is a small island. As such, if you are expecting to frequent your favorite fast food establishment while here, well, you can simply get that thought out of your mind. They don't exist. Not in Culebra!

What you will find here is an assortment of simple eateries operated by dedicated and proud owners with the overriding objective of enhancing their patrons' total dining experience. The intention here is not to uncover every single place where one might purchase food in Culebra as that scene undergoes periodic changes. There are some "reliables" that have been around for years and have stood the test of time.

1. Dinghy Dock Bar-B-Q Restaurant, 787-742-0233. A favorite hangout for the island's expatriates, Dinghy Dock is a delightful restaurant with a slant towards seafood as a specialty. Grab a seat at the bar and partake of the local tidbits.

2. Heather's, 787-742-3175. This is one hip happening place during the high season. If you are craving a pizza, this is the place on the island to get one. Ideally situated in the center of town, Heather's is draws a fairly decent gathering at night.

3. Pandeli, 787-742-0296. Pandeli is cenrally located on Dewey's main street near the ferry dock. It opens at 5:30am and, as such, draws a large contingent of passengers awaiting the 6:30am Fajardo ferry. You can get a good breakfast here andgrab some pastries for the ferry ride while you're at it.

4. Barbara Rosa's, 787-742-0773. You are your own waiter/waitress here. This rather small restaurant is unusual in its setup. Don't be discouraged by that as the place is noteworthy for the quality of its delicious entrees.

5. El Batey, 787-742-3828. If you are looking for a place with an "atmosphere" to hang out and dance to some reggae music on the weekend, you've come to the right place. If you're not into that kind of thing, then give them a try during the week; pool tables, cold beers and tasty burgers await you.

6. Mamacita's, 787-742-0090. Going to the island of Culebra without eating at Mamacita's will be the equivalent of missing out on visiting the acclaimed Playa Flamenco beach. By far and away, this is the premier food establishment on the island. This is the nexus of local dining on the island catering to meat and seafood lovers alike with a daily offering of, at least, one vegetarian entree. Mamacita's is open forbreakfast, lunch and dinner and it is the where you want to be if you are looking for a semblance of nightlife on Saturday nights as the patio bar beckons dancers with the spellbinding beats of bomba drums.

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