Experience The Allure Of The Magical Culebra Island

Don't give up your search for that perfect vacation just yet. No, not until you visit Culebra Island in the Caribbean.

You've seen them. You know, those ubiquitous newspaper and magazine ads, the incessant radio and television commercials touting those "getaway vacations". Just one question...are they wanting you to get away from or get away to something, someone? Bet you've never really asked yourself that, have you? Would you believe there really is a place where you can do both--get away from your manic and hectic daily routine to one of unparalled bliss and quietness. What's that you say? It does not exist?

Think again! I am going to take you to such a place. Remember the saying, "the land time forgot?". Oftentimes, that phrase is associated with some undiscovered and uninhabited pocket of Africa. Have you ever heard of a place in the Caribbean called Culebra Island? Of course you have. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here reading this. Are you looking for that true vacation locale? A real relaxing, no hustle and bustle, forget everything, chilling, peaceful vacation? Then Culebra Island is the place for you.

In the true meaning of a vacation, I will take you on a scintillating journey from the pages of this website to your disembarking upon the grounds of Isla Culebra, Puerto Rico, one of the last "unspoiled" islands of the Caribbean.

Don't let the quietness of this island deceive you, picturesque beaches, breathtaking bays, culinary delights, rare land and marine species, snorkeling, and so much more await. Along the way, we are going to explore some of the world-famous sandy beaches, real estate, rental villas, restaurants, and so much more that define this remarkable Caribbean vacation wonderland.

So, I invite you to sit back, relax, and get ready for a fun and thrilling escapade to a land that will enchant you.

Playa de Flamenco, Culebra

Culebra Island History
A discussion of Culebra Island history is incomplete without the mention of marauding swashbucling pirates. Hard to believe that this unpretensious island once provided shelter to pirates. It did!
Getting To culebra
There are several modes of transportation in getting to Culebra, Puerto Rico. Each mode has its rewards and possible penalties. I'll provide you with all the options without favoring any. You make the
Entry Requirements Into Culebra
Entry requirements into Culebra: Although a U.S. citizen does not need a passport to enter Puerto Rico, our recommendation is to obtain one anyway as it helps to expedite processing.
Culebra Ferry
Undoubtedly, Culebra ferry presents the most economical transportation method for getting to Culebra from the main island of Puerto Rico.
Getting Around Culebra
Getting around Culebra will not take you very long. If you plan properly and adequately. Planning is the key.
Culebra Real Estate
Though limited, Culebra real estate can fit all budgets from the frugal traveler to the big spender. Naturally, the amount you are willing to part with will also dictate the quality of your accommoda
Dewey Rentals
You will find rooms and houses for rent in Dewey, the main hub on the island of Culebra. There are simple Dewey rentals offering the most basic amenities for $100 per night,and luxurious rentals for
South Of Dewey Rentals (Guesthouses)
South of Dewey rentals are not in abundance as in Dewey proper. Choices here are more elegant and somewhat pricier.
North Of Dewey Rentals (Guesthouses)
North of Dewey rentals are even more limited than anywhere else on the island.
Things To Do
Are there things to do in Culebra, other than enjoying the beaches and relaxing? The answer lies in what brought you to Culebra in the first place.
Culebra Beaches
Culebra beaches are, unquestionably, the overriding reason people flock to this island...they are paradise on earth.
Culebra Wedding
A Culebra wedding ceremony is memorable, not just for the bride and groom, but the guests as well. Forget the mundane, travel to this magical island to say,"I do" and the memories will last a lifetime
Culebra and Snorkeling
Culebra and snorkeling are just a natural fit. The island offers many incredible snorkeling sites.
When you visit Culebra, the deserted island of Culebrita just further east must be on your "must see" list.
Culebra Videos
A collection of Culebra videos for your enjoyment.
Culebra Island Blog
This Culebra Island blog is dedicated to keeping you informed of all the additions, updates and more to the enchanting-culebra-island.com website.
Camping In Culebra
Are you planning on camping in Culebra? While this is an exhilirating experience, it can be challenging also because of the obvious lack of supply of campgrounds on the island.
Fishing In Culebra
Make fishing in Culebra a part of your itenerary if you are planning a visit. Though Culebra's notoriety is linked to its famous beaches, the fishing novice and pro will find its shores and waters equ
Shopping In Culebra
If shopping in Culebra is a priority on your list when you get here, sorry, you are going to be dissapointed.
Food In Culebra
For a diminutive island, food in Culebra can sometime be pricey. That said, the island does boasts of a few eateries worthy of visiting.
More Culebra Information
Here is some more Culebra information that we've compiled on onepage since the topics discussed do not lend themselves completely to one category.
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Our privacy policy detailing usage of our website. Your visit to Culebra Island, Puerto Rico will be a pleasant one.
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